During two terms as your Alderman, I've been working for you to make Frederick the best place to live, work, and play.

Frederick Police Department

Over the past two terms, I have successfully added three additional sworn police officers to the Frederick Police Department by bringing forward amendments to the Mayor's proposed budget. I have also supported the replacement of six aging police bicycles, along with other needed equipment that keeps officers and our public safer.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

As an avid supporter of alternative transportation modes, I fought to get the funding approved for construction of the under crossing at Route 15 and Rosemont Avenue. This simple connection joins paths on the west and east sides of Frederick, providing a safe off-road connection for walkers, runners, cyclists, and other non-motorized transportation.

Synthetic Drug Ban

in 2012, the use and sale of synthetic drugs called spice and bath salts had reached fever pitch and had to be addressed immediately. Working with the FPD, the City's attorneys, State's Attorney, Maryland State Police, and others, we crafted an ordinance making the sale, possession, or use of these substances a crime in Frederick. The morning after the law passed, the offending business had removed all of their stock, previously legal, from their shelves.

Complete Streets Policy

Building streets to accommodate all users requires policy guidance and implementation tools. We adopted a Complete Streets policy in 2016, a stated goal of my campaign in the last election. Working closely with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) we then reviewed and implemented the necessary technical design details.

Watershed Protection

Working closely with the ad hoc Watershed Committee, I helped develop and adopt a Recreational Plan for this City owned forest that covers about 7,000 acres. Approximately 12% of the City's clean water supply comes from this pristine forest. The plan includes measures to protect this valuable City resource while still allowing for the public to enjoy its beauty in harmony with the natural habitat.

Historic Preservation

My advocacy for preservation resulted in the adoption of legislation to require a review of the significance of potential historic resources before demolition. I have supported the adoption of additional historic preservation overlays on several significant buildings, such as the Union Mills building on Carroll Creek, now being fully restored.

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